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Introducing the Innovative LayRed 55 Engineered Vinyl Floor

LayRed 55 Engineered Vinyl Floor: the strong, silent and innovative flooring solution

LayRed 55 is an innovative flooring collection which is acoustically high-performing, sustainable, and designed to stand its ground in the most extreme circumstances. A premium floor with an integrated underlay is perfect for both high foot traffic commercial applications and all of the challenges which are faced within a home such as uneven surfaces.

The Inspiration

Technology is transforming the way we live our lives. With this acceleration, there’s a demand for innovative products that are ahead of their time. People are becoming more consciously aware of what they are purchasing and placing more time and effort into researching products before buying them. Moduleo recognised these challenges and decided to create a product that overcame these problems. LayRed is Moduleo’s first engineered floor that takes innovation in vinyl flooring to a whole new level.

The Innovation

LayRed 55 collection is the result of two years of extensive research by IVC research and development department. The challenge Moduleo faced were:

  • How do they develop a renovation-friendly floor without losing the extraordinary levels of comfort vinyl floors are known for?
  • How can they create a vinyl floor with the ability to bridge uneven surfaces on an existing floor avoiding the need to level it first?
  • How could they design a strong and rigid floor without losing the acoustic values their vinyl floors are known for?

Scroll down to find out


  • Scratch and stain-resistant thanks to its PU Protective layer.
  • A plethora of designs to choose from which are all inspired by wood and stone.
  • Every plank has its own unique bevel which strengthens the look.

The upper layers of the plank combine their authentic designs with performance. The LayRed collection offers 31 in-house developed and printed designs, all inspired by wood and stone. Every design is extremely unique to ensure there is minimal repetition so there’s a floor for all your needs!


  • LayRed is resilient making it softer than all engineered alternatives.
  • Improved insulating qualities keeping temperatures comfortable in all seasons.
  • LayRed reduces walking sound and transmission sound (-21db)

The middle layer ensures the soft feel and silent acoustics. LayRed is the quietest engineered vinyl floor produced to date. Silent acoustics is something that is extremely valued and with LayRed there will be no creaking sounds between planks or irritating click-clack sounds when walking over LayRed.


  • Indentation proof – upper layer ensure no dents from heels.
  • Stable in all conditions – no change in form due to alterations in temperature.
  • Perfect for uneven surfaces – LayRed has the ability to bridge gaps.

The integrated red underlay and the lower layers guarantee a rigid strength for LayRed which is in contrast to Moduleo flexible design floors. There is no need for levelling preparation anymore. Thanks to this innovative product there is no need to break up the old floor, you just put LayRed on top of it!

Choose your favourite design!

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