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Carpets for Every Commercial and Residential Space

ROLS have them all

Choose between wool carpets & rugs, weaving indoor/outdoor rugs, or even recycled rugs

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Moquetas Rols

Designers and manufacturers of sustainable carpets and made-to-measure rugs.

ROLS have them all; choose between wool carpets & rugs, weaving indoor/outdoor rugs, or even recycled rugs.

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Luxury Wool Carpets and Rugs

Moquetas ROLS manufacture luxury wool carpets and rugs from selected wools from Spain and New Zealand. An exceptional carpet is created only by using an extraordinarily natural and 100% sustainable fibre.

A large selection of our made-to-measure rugs and carpets are suitable for intense use. ROLS also offer to customise wool carpets and made-to-measure rugs to help you create unique designs that suit your style.

Sustainable Outdoor Rugs Made of Recycled Plastic

ROLS outdoor rugs are made mainly from recycled polyester extracted from PET plastic bottles. Recycled polyester creates rugs with a natural look but with far superior usage characteristics, both in terms of ease of cleaning and durability. Thanks to these collections, ROLS can give a new use to more than 130 plastic bottles for each square metre of carpet.

Designed carpets for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications

From waste to carpet Recycled rugs

Plastic waste takes up to 700 years to break down

#didyouknow Tons of plastic waste goes into landfills every year, taking up to 700 years to break down. Rols Carpets have developed and introduced a new line of recycled plastic rugs and carpets. They use discarded plastics to weave sustainably, reducing the use of fossil-based materials.

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    Through our extensive product range we help source the appropriate and functional products for your commercial and residential projects.

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    We carefully choose ethical and responsible manufacturers when choosing product ranges to bring to the Irish market.

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